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Firmware  --- If your looking for firmware that's not in Lighthouse64, you'll want to try here and the manufacturer's web site. --- If your compiling a kernel and need to know what a config option means look here.

Phoronix  --- Linux and hardware news.

Games:  (free games)

Urban Terror  --- This is a first person shooter (FPS). Best free one I've seen.

Open Arena  --- A FPS game, similar to Quake 3, this one is actually GPLed.

Smokin Guns --- A FPS game set in the wild west of the 1800s.

Linux Game Database  --- I haven't actually used this much, but it looks good.

The games listed above require no installation, just unzip and play. They are quite large, in the 500MB to 700MB range. They all use the GPLed Quake 3 engine so they can run on modest hardware.

ATI and Intel hardware acceleration is supported by Lighthouse64 with the included open source drivers, but you'll get better performance from the proprietary ATI driver if it supports your card. For Nvidia you'll need the Nvidia pet package installed. Make sure you check to see if the version in the Update repository supports your card before installing.

There are a few games in Update / PPM too.

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